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BOBBY BLOBBY the STEM CELL 3D Interactive Game App for Early Learners

BOBBY BLOBBY the STEM CELL is a 3D, interactive, "edutainment" game app and educates early learners on some of the beneficial breakthroughs being made through stem cell research for both humans and animals, created by Sean Pollard of the University of Baltimore's Simulation & Digital Entertainment Program. The app is also designed to develop basic motor skills and hand-eye coordination while remaining both informative, yet entertaining. Simply touch-guide Bobby Blobby (right) and the various touch-play buttons in the game to help guide Bobby Blobby, Dr. Concoctor and Mr. Mike Ro Scope through the stem cell process to heal Claud the Dog, Sprat the Cat, Claus the Mouse, and Alisdair the Mayor ! The player / reader must answer four multiple choice questions, by tap / touching the correct letter for the answer. The game also features a bonus lab labyrinth for kids at the end of the game! . Winner in University of Baltimore / Langsdale Library's 2011 Inspired Discoveries Symposium.