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Koala Heroes

Koalas can only eat eucalyptus. Across five game worlds, help the koalas fetch fresh leaves under towers of candy and save them from drowning in man-made lakes; guide a koala across cities where it must avoid dogs, stir it across a landscape to avoid being hit by cars and prevent baby koalas by eaten by hungry owls. Complete this game and win several Koala Jo prizes. 1. Help the koalas find eucalyptus under a tower of lollipops and ice cream. Flick the koala with your finger to collapse the sweets. Landing the koala directly on top of a leaf wins 100 bonus points. 2. Help prevent the koalas from drowning in man-made lakes. Move the life saver with your finger to bring the koalas to the other shore, where delicious eucalypt leaves await. 3. Use your finger to spot hungry night owls and stop them from snatching baby koalas in tree tops where they must remain in hiding. Spot as many birds as you can within one minute. 4. Tap your device to the left or right of the koala to stir it across the landscape to fetch eucalyptus leaves while avoiding oncoming traffic. A collision with a car will bring a scene to a halt.