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Koala Museum

Click to launch a ball and move the golden hammer to chip away at heavy drapes with a diamond ball. Collect clues about the suspected thief. Winning Score = 1,500. Unveil recovered paintings that were previously stolen and then returned to the Koala Museum of Modern Art. Earn kudos for uncovering hints about the identity of the alleged thief. Note, there are three clues per scene. Play the game to completion to download a book excerpt (you may need to read it to understand the hints). Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Chip away at heavy drapes with a diamond ball and golden hammer. Tap for a new ball and move the hammer with your finger. Each of the forty scenes holds three clues that suggest the identity of the suspected thief. Allow the diamond to fall off the screen if you wish to proceed to another painting. You will simply be asked to play until the required score to win is reached. Tap Pause to place the game on hold. Several menus allow access to game information.