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Square Fighter

Unleash your inner square and discover action packed, retro-style gaming today by downloading Square Fighter, only on iOS. Meet Squarefred, a blue square, and help him defeat baddies and snatch bonuses. Play by yourself, or challenge friends to beat your highscore. PLAY: Take control of Squarefred by using the convenient, on screen controls to shoot at red, green, and purple baddies and collect yellow bonuses. The more baddies you hit or bonuses you collect, the higher your score. Be careful not to shoot the bonuses by accident! CHALLENGE: Don't be a circle, and challenge your friends to play Square Fighter too! LISTEN: Square Fighter contains beautiful and fun 8-bit and chiptune music that you will love to listen to! FOLLOW: Follow Squarefred on Twitter: DOWNLOAD: Square Fighter is compatible with any iOS device running iOS 5 or higher.