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Doublo is a fast paced game, which requires full concentration. One movement too fast or too slow and you are game over! Can you finish all 50 levels? easy to play, hard to master! Play by touching on the left and right side from the middle. touch on the left side to let the 2 balls rotate counterclockwise and touch on the right side to let the 2 balls rotate clockwise. Your target is to dodge all blocks and finish all 50 levels. can you manage to do so? level too hard? try using some power-ups or skip a level by touching on the next level in the level selection menu. IMPORTANT: Doublo can be very addicted. Do something else once every hour if you can't manage to finish a level! Features: - 50 levels - Endless mode - 20 different colours to choose from - 2 touch gameplay - 3 power-ups - In game currency - 5 amazing soundtracks - Hours of gameplay - and much more... Also Available on: Play Store Amazon Store Credits: Programmer and Artist - Timo Lapré - Sound Designer and Music Composer - Michail Korobov - " My Mini Gemini " Follow us: Facebook: Twitter: