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Psssst! Want to know a secret? All the children are cyberheroes in disguise! Cyberheroes have cyberpowers, but they must keep their identities a secret online… Cyberheroes is an interactive children’s book about online privacy. The book gives children an overview of a range of privacy-related topics following two main characters, Ally and Bobby. It is recommended for children under the age of 10. Using the book as a conversation starter about online privacy, explore the story with your child while asking questions like: What are Ally and Bobby doing? How are they feeling? Why did this happen? What would you do if this happened to you? We encourage you to incorporate your own lessons into the story to have a discussion with your child about privacy-related risks. Features: - Gently introduces children to privacy-related topics including personal information, online trust, location sharing, cyber-bullying. passwords, and digital trail. - Original story and lovable characters. - 13 pages filled with colourful illustrations. - More than 30 interactive features and sounds to discover. - Child-friendly interface.