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Ye Olde Meme Game

OMG GOD SANIC'Z BACK IN THIS MLG EUPHORIA TRIP!?!**! ITS TIME TO REK SKROOOOBS NOM NOM NOM ASDF SEMI COCKIN COLON. PLEZ DOWNLOADS RN THERE IS SO MUCH EUPHORIA O MY DAYS CAN'T EVEN EXPLAIN JUST DL IT!!!!!! IGN GAME OF THE YEAR R8 8/8 CUM FITE U COCKIN HELL M9 IF U DL RN U WILL GET MANY FRIEND SO DL AND GET SUM FREINDZ U SAD CRAP. jks fam u probs have many friend idc tbh coz this game will revolutionise ur life ngl swear fam swear 2 jeez. jus download bruh... plez i needs money :/