Play 'SUPER CELU! THE BRAIN GAME! ' on GameSalad Arcade




Visualize Super Celu transforming bad cells and germs into great guys! Play this wonderful healing game inside the brain to shine some healing light on these germs and nasty little critters. It's time to transform them into great guys! You can do it! Keep your eye on the Infected DNA trying to get across the top of the screen! He's the jack pot! Meet the BAD GUYZZZZ! T-Cel-Gone-Wong! He used to be a good guy, but he got corrupted in the system somehow and so you need to fix him! Shine some light on this greedy little critter with an HIV infested toupee! You want to get rid of him quickly, kids! There is not room in the world for bad guys like this one! Then there's TELOMERES, one of the most powerful bad guys that can get in you! If you turn him into a happy face, Cancer doesn't have a chance! So pop that nasty little fellow with some healing light, and watch him burst into a happy face! Lastly, remember to STOP the DNA! It's going the wrong way! Time to give it a little redirection! Special thanks to composer, Mirium Mayer for the Bee Bop Soundtrack! Bee Bop your way to wellness!