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Destiny of Pyrrha

UPDATE: There is a bit of a sound delay with the music. Not sure why, but it won't fix no matter what I try. To solve, bump into the wall once or twice until you hear the music kick in. Sorry for the inconvenience guys. Welcome to the Destiny of Pyrrha! In this don't-touch-the-walls maze game, you play control Pyrrha; a naive girl with a very entertaining face. In the end, Pyrrha has one goal in mind: collect all of the Arc Tokens and defeat the monsters that guard them. Uncover hidden doorways, find weapons to defeat your foes. Why does Pyrrha do all of this? Because it's her DESTINY. Controls: w- up a- left s- down d- right *Disclaimer* I own none of the characters,symbols, or music used in this game. this is merely a fun tribute game to the Rooster Teeth animated show 'RWBY' and in no way claim rights to the materials. However the game itself is made by none other than yours truly.