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Ball Bouncer

Left and right keys/arrows move your character left and right. Up key/arrow makes your character jump, but you must be touching a jump pad or jump block. You get icons for collecting 20, 35, 50, 75, and 100 diamonds, and two secret icons can be unlocked by completing level 5 and level 10. You do not have to spend your diamonds to unlock the icons, they are unlocked automatically once you have enough diamonds. Each level gets harder, and level 10 is the hardest. Your goal is to reach the flag for each level. The spikes will kill you and restart the level, but you will keep the diamonds you got during the level. Please note that the spikes have square hit boxes, so you may not actually hit the spike but still die. I couldn't fix this, sorry. This game was created using GameSalad Creator, and the music is Gravity by Multex.