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Devi's Game ONE: Ocean of Fire

Devi's Game ONE, Ocean of Fire, is based upon an odyssey of Geeta, a priest's young daughter, who would dream of marrying a Rajkumar, a prince, one day, and then leaving her village with him. But she must cross Ocean of Fire, first • A free, challenging, and fun to play game on your smartphones or tablets • Touch/CLICK the Diver/Geeta to JUMP UP; if she touches the lava, Game Over • Touch/CLICK the Red Rod held by Mermaid, Geeta's childhood friend, to Fire Shots • Touch/CLICK the Blue Rod held by Geeta/Diver, to Fire Shots • Mermaid has 5 lives, The Red Hearts, and when all the hearts are gone, Game Over • Whenever the lava or the purple Urchins touch the Mermaid, she loses one heart • You score 100 Points when you pick up Treasure chest and 2 points for coins and pearls each • If you score more than 400 Points, you win: the Portal to the next level opens • Good Luck!