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Ocean of Fire

Home is the place where you wanna be, even if you have to swim across the ocean of fire to get there. A mermaid named Geeta, is imprisoned on a island by an evil witch, who have created an Ocean of Fire around it. Geeta needs your her to get her home. In order to open the portal to Geeta`s Home, you, the Diver, need to score 400 point. Following are the rules of the game: TO PLAY THE GAME: TOUCH/CLICK the Diver to JUMP UP TOUCH/CLICK the Red Rod held by Mermaid, to Fire Shots TOUCH/CLICK the Blue Rod held by Diver, to Fire Shots Score Rules: You, the Diver, score, when the DIVER or the MERMAID touches any of the following items: 2 points for touching each PEARLS or GOLD COINS . 10 points for SHOOTING DOWN each SEA URCHIN. 100 points for touching the TREASURE CHEST. 200 points for touching the a Secret Stone Object, called PRECIOUS; HINT: You need to look for it, it is hidden. The Mermaid has 5 lives, 5 HEARTS, And, your life depends on them. If the LAVA, at the bottom of the Ocean, or the URCHIN touches the Mermaid, she loses one of her HEARTS. At any time, during the game, if the LAVA touches the DIVER, GAME OVER. If you score more than 400 POINT