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Ancestor Adventures: Trial of Candies

Ancestor Adventures: Trial of Candies is game of friendship, overcoming the odds and CANDY! Move with WASD+Space+Shift or touchscreen controls! ****************************************************************************************************************************** Meet Ancestor, a curious and furry little creature that likes to play games with his friends and eat all kinds of treats. Suddenly, in the middle of a beautiful day, Ancestor's best friend, Pingu The Penguin is kidnapped by an evil Witch. Only way to free Pingu, is to gather lots of candies and pay a large sugary ransom to The Witch. To make matters even worse, slimes have stolen most of the candies! ****************************************************************************************************************************** Credits, used assets and music can be seen by clicking the farmer man in the start menu! Ancestor Adventures is a Spinoff-game of the World's only Kaapelipeli: The Cable Game: