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GeoBlox Tower Defense

Welcome to GeoBlox Tower Defense (1.1.5)! Protect your fellow blocky citizens from the attacks by the blips! Defeat the large dark-eyed bloops by hitting them multiple times! There are infinite possibilities of things to do in GeoBlox Tower Defense! Have fun, and don't lose all your lives to the blips! All music is by Thunderguy77. The game is fully Copyright Protected. IMPORTANT: Keys 1 to 8 - Place Towers Space - Start Round Left/Right - Scroll Through Map Escape (esc) Key - Cancel Tower Buy X Key - Sell Tower Up Key - Upgrade Tower Down Key - Exit Upgrade Screen Click Tower - Select Tower for Upgrade A/D (Sandbox) - Change Round What's New? -Made Bloop destruction much easier now -Minor bug fixes -Made upgrades much better -Changed Tier 3 Killer Block to be better -Added Sandbox mode -You can no longer pop blips before they move