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GeoBlox Tower Defense 2

Welcome to GeoBlox Tower Defense 2, the all-new tower defense sequel to GBTD! This amazing sequel proves to be much better than the first, however, with five all-new maps, four new towers, and more than twice as many upgrades as before! It's going to be an awesome, colorful, and action-blasted experience! - Unlock cool maps and view fun graphics. - Listen to new and purely original music. - Save your progress and continue where you left off. - Use new awesome upgrades and towers. - Play using a more awesome sandbox mode. - And more! GeoBlox only gets better! Enjoy! + What's New? More interactive maps; updated upgrades; faster Mech/Killer blocks; more effective Negative Block; save function glitch fixed (SELL TOWERS BEFORE YOU SAVE TO KEEP YOUR CASH!!!); losing/winning now deletes your save file. (Version 1.4)