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A tabula rasa, a blank slate on which one may create a masterpiece.2MFM was the first response given by the Muslim community when asked what radio station do they listen to most. This unprompted response ranked 2MFM as the first ethnic station on the mind’s of respondants, over twenty one other radio stations including SBS according to the findings of the listener survey commissioned to McNair Ingenu- ity Research and concluded on the 2nd of December 2005. The survey which was restricted to Muslims aged 18 plus, found that 57,000 Muslims listen to 2MFM regu- larly, monthly and has an estimated 42,000 regular weekly listeners, revealing that, "2MFM's core weekly cumulative Muslim audience is greater than the core weekly audience of most other radio stations". Though the findings are a great reason to celebrate, we believe they are a very modest reflection of the positive impact that 2MFM has made on its listeners.