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Clear Skies Lite

Keep a clear sky and a sunny day. ??Quick help: Shortly swipe the screen to make the clouds vanish.Do not allow any of them to get away, it will rain wherever it goes Keep an eye on the weather bar (top) it will show you how likely it is to rain.Losing clouds will drain the bar but you can refill it fast using powerups. Power-ups will help you swipe continuously, clear the screen or slow the clouds down when the winds are too strong. Avoid touching the white clouds, they`re just floating rain in their mind.Touching 3 white clouds means game over. Oh, one last thing..don`t scare the people in the airplane, you will lose score points for that! Grow in level to get more points, store power - ups for later use and have fun in the Arcade mode. If you just want to relax, enjoy the Endless mode.No white clouds, no weather bar stress, just floating clouds and the sounds of nature. Enjoy !