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Welcome to Panto World where crazy costumes, wacky sound fx and hilarious fun happen all year round! Simple physics based game using single mouse click input Angle the Splatt Cannon and power up to launch a custard pie right onto the Panto Dame. The Dame likes giant cakes so watch out for the obstacles in your way. You have 5 pies per level. Can you Splatt her with 1 shot? Game Features:- - Beautifully hand drawn graphics - 9 fun filled levels - 4 Secret objects that unlock a bonus mini game - Real pantomime sound effects and voices Easy Controls :- - Single click and hold to angle and power your shot - Use the Dame Finder to see where the Dame is hiding in the level Fun for all little kids and the big ones who never want to grow up! Bought to you in conjunction with Imagine Theatre - a pantomime production company based in Coventry, UK Happy Splatting!