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Cannon Blaster Lite

In Cannon Blaster there are 4 stages, each stage will have 13 levels. When you are on level 7 on every stage, you will notice that you will be given a new different cannon balls. These new cannon balls can be used to penetrate purple blocks before you can shoot through to hit the target green block. Other than that, the default ball on every stage has it's own advantage too, as it would destroy falling brown boxes while the new cannon ball can't. So this is the game where you must shoot the cannon ball wisely. Other than that, each stage has it's own limit except for the first stage which is the Basic Basement. The Vine Basement will have a limit of 50 cannon balls while the Ice and Fire Basement will have a limit of 70 and 100 respectively. So enjoy this game and shoot your way to victory:D P.S.I am a 14 year old iPhone Developer from Malaysia, this is my first iPhone game and I would appreciate every comments and reviews seriously.