Play 'superboy ' on GameSalad Arcade




first you start of with super boy with a cape and cloths on him and the background on all of them are all in the night with clouds and storm onit and on the second one he has to jump on each step and if he drops in the lava he dies and loses a life and he will only have three lives at the start but he can pick up lives with the hearts.If he takes to long the spikes will come down and he will die and lose a life.on the third one the sky drops and if he takes to long he will get squashed and will die and if he collects 10 coind he will get big.on the fourth level he will have to climb up to the top of the castle and he will have to save the princess and knifes will fly out in a certain pattern so he will have to be fast and skillful and they will be a moving man so that the man can kill him and the only way to kill him is to jump on him or jump over him he will be very fast and will also shoot out different wepons so that it will be hard for superboy to get out.