REDDY FREDDY The RED BLOOD CELL 3D Interactive Game App for Early Learners

REDDY FREDDY the RED BLOOD CELL is a 3D Interactive "edutainment" game app for early learners by Sean Pollard of the University of Baltimore's Simulation & Digital Entertainment Program about how the red and white blood cells work to protect the body!: >>3D glasses or goggles are optional for playing this game.<< TAP (click) on REDDY FREDDY to rotate him AND fire Freddy's NEUTROPHILLED ANTIBODIES at The COMMON COLD, The FREE RADICAL, & The FLU BUG Boss to PROTECT THE BODY and KEEP THE BODY HEALTHY! If The FLU BUG infects the escapes into the body, YOU LOSE! It takes getting some play and getting used to as it is an app for children and helps develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Accepted into the University of Baltimore / Langsdale Library's 2012 Inspired Discoveries Symposium.