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E-Pig Dash

E-Pig Games

Making games can be magical, especially when your lead designer is an actual magician! Such is the case for E-Pig Games, a three person team from Chile, who have been building iOS games with GameSalad since April 2010. Their most recent creation, E-Pig Dash, has rocketed to #1 in the Chilean App Store, and even caught the attention of CNN!

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Nexus Game Studio

For the retro gamer enthusiast, Gravonaut defies the laws of nature by controlling gravity. A simple game with exciting levels caters to the retro gamer. Don't let the retro designs fool you, since it is action packed with adrenaline pumping stages. With addictive game play and intense boss fights this game is well worth the homage to 8 bit retro games.

Gravonaut has been nominated for 3 Canadian Videogame Awards including: Best Game On The Go, Best Downloadable Game, and Best Visual Arts.

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Hobo with a Shotgun

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

Who hasn't fantasized about being a rampaging hobo with a shotgun administering justice. With old-schoool retro style 8-bit graphics and pumping soundtracks, you can find all the inspirations from the film.

Big movie studios have been cross-promoting major films with accompanying video game releases for years. This spring, however, Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse, Magnet Releasing and GameSalad teamed up with the director of HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN to mirror that process on an indie level.

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Fire Maple Games

Joe Kauffman of Fire Maple Games has crafted some of the most memorable titles GameSalad has ever seen. His first GameSalad title, Danger Cats! was prototyped within 30 minutes of downloading GameSalad. 60 levels and 12 days later, Danger Cats! was available for sale on the iPhone App Store. He followed up that success with Stunt Squirrels and Stunt Squirrels HD for the iPhone and iPad, respectively. The Secret of Grisly Manor, the fourth GameSalad title from Fire Maple Games, took off in the App Store following its October release — reaching #70 in Overall Apps and #40 in Top Paid Games.

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Utopian Games

This incredible three-person studio created the smash hit Bumps for the iPhone, using GameSalad Creator. Bumps climbed all the way to #30 in Overall Apps, and #18 in Top Paid Games. Their follow-up title, Red Ball of Goo, has met with similar success — reaching #58 in Overall Apps and #33 in Top Paid Games.

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As a 14-year-old student in Kuwait, Aalzanki used GameSalad Creator to build Doodle Destroy in 3 days. His first foray into independent game development has generated over 900,000 downloads, and he's even been featured on CNN!

Big Bananapps

Known to the GameSalad community as Tshirtbooth, Big Bananapps has created several quality titles with GameSalad, including Tumble Blocks, Labyrinth Deluxe, and Star Daze HD.


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