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A whole new type of Puzzle game! Hungry little devils intend to bite. Looking sweet candies before your eyes, your fingers slip through the boxes on the screen in a hurry and let little devils eat till full. Utilizing different tools to pass? 1. Giant Candy @w@ Let little devils eat more! 2. Clock Cnady @w@ Let little devils eat much longer! 3. Bomb Candy @w@ Eat more at once! 4. Skull Candy @w@ Clean entire screen! 5. Candy Box @w@ Finish biting and pass! 6. Colorful Box @w@ Eat anything! Accumulating 15 candies to eliminate at once, you can get the Demon Box? 1. Green Dbox @w@ Increase time! 2. Red Dbox @w@ Eliminate any color! 3. Blue Dbox @w@ Non-stop explosion! 4. Purple Dbox @w@ Smaller! 5. Orange Dbox @w@ Fly up to eat! 6. Black Dbox @w@ Black hole! 7. White Dbox @w@ Slide down to eat! Hurry up, hurry up, help to eat in a hurry!