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Aqua Koalas

Join KJ Hero on a mission to fight the offspring of giant jellyfish and keep the oceans from being destroyed by storm drain trash! Discover true dangers—not predators like sharks and mantas—but floating trash and giant jellyfish spurned from global warming and over-harvesting. Giant Jellyfish have made the news in Japan. They have caused havoc by sinking fishing boats and chocking intake lines for power plants. Play the game to the end and receive several Koala Jo prizes! Navigate KJ across thirty-nine ocean worlds. Use your arrow keys to navigate KJ across the screens. Click to hit aggressive jellyfish. A collision with a trash item will force the current scene to start over and cost points. Touch the recycle animation to enter another scene, click the Pause button to place the game on hold. Several menus allow access to: game information, sound settings, scores, unlocked scenes, gifts, and other games. Win 101+ free gifts when playing this game to completion!