Play 'SparkyBird' on GameSalad Arcade




Game Plays best on Firefox Browser. Safari and Internet Explorer does not have sound. Game also has a lot of lag time in the GS Arcade. It plays perfect on smartphones. Available on Google Play, Amazon, and has just been approved by Apple (Should be in App Store today or tomorrow. I'm ready to top Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, and CandyCrush. SparkyBird is Animal Testing Gone Wrong. Sparky and Purdy were stripped from their love nest by Evil Scientists for immoral animal testing. SparkyBird eats fireflies and superbugs for power, to battle enemies, to rescue his true love. Sparky starts his quest in Houston, Texas, and travels through 100 major cities around the world to save his Purdy in Hong Kong, China. Sparky is now an UNSTABLE, RADIOACTIVE, SUPER-BIRD, with a vengeance to destroy these cruel animal test facilities around the world and save his PurdyBird.