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Fly!Penguin! ver GS GameJam 2014

"Penguins are birds? How come I can not fly?" "What? Penguins are from Southern Hemisphere? I have never been there....." The little penguin's little brain is full of questions marks while watching the tv show playing at the zoo keeper's office. The little penguin made a big decision, he is going HOME! BUT, he can not make it without your help! Please help the little penguin to go home. game feature • experience the colourful game advanture from the little penguin's view! • help the little penguin get home by achieving 3 flight elements: flight level + distance + time! • enjoy the fun of flying within the 5 challenge worlds you are required to conquer! • each fly can gain money, so you can gradually upgrade the little penguin's flight equipment! ---------- * Add medal challenge mode, and three Achievements, Challenges to get the gold medal it! ----------