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INSTRUCTIONS: Arrow Keys: Move Left-Right-UP Use your Mouse for Start CookieMons love cookies. With your help they will be able to collect all the cookies. Avoid the bombs and don't fall in the water, because most CookieMons don't know how to swim! CookieMons are not like regular animals. They live in a strange world where the skies can't keep their color bombs never stop falling and the mountains are rising and falling in seconds. When the CookieMons touch the stars their powers come out for a limited time! All CookieMons have different powers with their own advantages. Unlock all CookieMons and achieve all the achievements! Now, with even a minigame in the menu! More CookieMons and levels will be coming soon. Product Features -wonderful graphics -many CookieMons (more coming soon) -powerups for CookieMons -challenging -mini game (menu) -shop to unlock new CookieMons -push logical abilities to the limit -hours of addictive gameplay -catchy sound effects and music! -achievements -get top score on the leaderboards