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Experience Dodgebomb, the futuristic bloodsport everyone is raving about! Eternal rivals, red team and blue team, fight to claim victory in a shape-shifting arena. Outwit and outmaneuver your opponent whilst blowing them up! Dodgebomb is best enjoyed with 2 players unless you like playing against yourself. *Controls* Blue Team - Q (up) A (down) S (Grab ball or throw ball) Red Team - P (up) L (down) K (Grab ball or throw ball) *Instructions* Line up your indicator to the ball(s) you want to pick up. Press and hold the Grab Ball key (S or K depending on your team). Press the same key to throw the ball. If your whole team misses picking up a ball then your team will slip and be vulnerable for 1 second. Don't spam or you'll suffer the consequences! First team with 10 points claims victory. The losing team bears everlasting shame.