Play 'Unstop-A-Ball' on GameSalad Arcade




*Best enjoyed using Chrome browser for sound compatibility* Controls: Click/Tap left side of screen to make skiers jump. Click/Tap right side of screen to make Frostay's head jump. "There must have been some jiggy in that old pimp hat they found. Cuz when they placed it on his head he just started gettin' down." -Excerpt from Frostay the O.G. Snowman Sup playa! Here's the 4-1-1. You are the God of Bass (music bass, not that fish). You just breathed life into Frostay the O.G snowman. He's done his dance and now he gotta bounce. Bump that bass and take Frostay on a supa fly trip downhill. Bump him over rocks and trees stickin' out of the snow. If you see some scrubs on skis bump em' over Frostay so he won't get all jacked up. Don't be trippin' or it's game over. You best be bout-it bout-it.