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The Lulus Memory Match

Have your kids done The Lulu? Australia's newest children's sensation, The Lulus, now have an App! Keep The Kids entertained for hours with The Lulus Memory Match. In the style of Concentration Card Match games, The Lulus Memory Match is a fantastic way for kids to improve their concentration and memory whilst having fun! With 3 levels of difficulty, it is suitable for 2-7 year-olds or anyone looking to give their memory a workout! In Easy, there are 4 pairs of cards to match. In Medium, there are 6 pairs. Ready for a real challenge? In Hard mode, there are 8 pairs of cards and you have just over a minute to find them all. Many hours of play is guaranteed with 7 unique card sets with stunning HD graphics that the kids will love including an island-themed set, a robot-themed set, a Lu Boy-themed set, a Lu Girl-themed set, and a Fin the Baby Shark-themed set. Kids love matching the super cute pictures and learning their names as the charming host says the name out loud! Within each difficulty level, there are 5 levels of reward (based on time taken) to build confidence, provide challenge, and motivate kids to beat their personal best.