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Air Supply - 1bit Run

*** Your AIR is running out! *** Ambushed on a standard trade journey between Lave and Diso, Spaceman Sam is shot down by pirates! Now, stranded on an alien Moon, Sam must run for his life, avoiding meteorites, fearsome UFOs and enemies such as robots, aliens, and Space Monkey Zombie Pirate Cyborgs(!), hoping in vain to stay alive long enough to be rescued! Features: *Pure awesome gameplay: Run, jump, shoot, collect! *Air Supply game mechanic - your air is constantly going down - pickup 02 canisters to increase it and keep yourself alive! *Gorgeous Retina Display 1bit graphics in glorious black and white! *Cosmic 1bit music by Mr. Beep, made using a ZX Spectrum! Eight tracks to unlock! *Grab powerups! Slow down your speed, grab a full tank of air, or protect yourself with shields! *Gain ranks based on kills - from 'Harmless' to the coveted title of 'Elite'. *Unlock everything! Play the game to unlock new characters, backgrounds, enemies, music and even colour!