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Explore With Farmer Jon

Explore With Farmer Jon is an interactive sticker book that lets you wander around a farm and influence your surroundings. Animal sounds and words are reviewed, and there are games and activities to discover for children of all ages. • Enjoy over 500 unique pieces of art, animation, sound, and music. • Explore and discover twenty exciting scenes. • Play with cows, lambs, kittens, dogs, goats, donkeys, horses, pigs, chicks, hens, and ducks. • Take animals from the drawer and create your own masterpiece. • Touch the animals to hear their name or their sound, and to see their name on the screen. • Follow Farmer Jon's suggestions to help you learn how to play. • Make animals sleep and wake up by changing whether it’s day or night. • Plant a garden and watch the vegetables grow. • Make your own music with singing baby chicks. • Find a hidden baby chick in nearly every level. • Search for and interact with bees, mosquitoes, frogs, mice, ants, birds, and butterflies.