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Invasion of String City-Part 1 (Ver.1)

This is an unfinished stealth-platformer created from the platformer template. You will notice that there are no enemies yet, not even an alarm system, thereby eliminating and semblance of "stealth." In addition, people who play stealth-themed flash games will notice that the placement of floors + walls means that wherever an enemy is placed, the level would be unbeatable. Sorry about that! Just remember this IS Version 1! A lot of the floor, wall, and background textures I got from google images, so if you recognize your artwork let me know so I can cite you! And finally, thank you for posting the artwork so I can make a game of my own! The only texture I can cite right now is the "Futuristic Circuit Texture" used in the background of Level 1, which belongs to "madragonn" of "". Also, credit for the "brown planet" icon goes to "beren77" of "".